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MMA Gear, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Boxing Gear by Drako

Shop Drako Impact Sports online for well-crafted MMA gear, Muay Thai, boxing and sparring gear. Our equipment and clothing is designed with high quality and value in mind, supporting the most popular mixed martial arts and combat sports. Have a look through our online store and you’ll find a wide range of training and fighting protection and apparel to help you train and compete safely, with style!

Online shipping is available to Canada and the USA.


Mixed Martial Arts Gear for Amateurs and Pros

Our MMA gear and sparring equipment and apparel have you covered whether you are a beginner, experienced amateur, or professional fighter. We understand the needs of impact sports athletes, regardless of their skill level, so we design tough, well made, yet affordable gloves and equipment that will satisfy both newbies and experienced athletes. Our line of mixed martial arts gear, Muay Thai and BJJ gear, boxing, and kickboxing gear provides safety, durability, and comfort whether you’re sparring for fitness, trading kicks and punches as an enthusiastic amateur, or kickin’ butt in the ring as a seasoned pro.

Your Passion is Drako's Passion

Drako's sparring gear, gloves and clothing is designed in consultation with experienced mixed martial arts competitors. Our protective equipment and clothing is built to withstand the rigors of training, and all- out ring warfare. Our passion for MMA, boxing, kickboxing, BJJ, Muay Thai and other combat sports is reflected in our products - created to support your passion and help you become the best you can be.

Dominate Your World! Best MMA Gear. Less Fear.

Our motto “Dominate Your World” expresses our belief that all MMA, boxing, and kickboxing athletes aspire to gain mastery of body and mind, exhibiting control and attaining the necessary skills to succeed in the dojo, in the ring, and in life. Anyone who trains diligently at boxing or martial arts– at any level – understands that success dwells in the mind, and that confidence drives success.

Our quality MMA gear, boxing and kickboxing gear is more than protective armour – it lessens the distracting noise of nagging anxieties about injury or pain, increases your confidence, and allows you to focus on your well-earned craft. Our mixed martial arts gear won’t guarantee a KO, but it will remove a large barrier to optimal performance. You’ll be protected, and you’ll look great giving it your all.

MMA Gear Shopping Tips

In the top menu click “Categories” to shop by MMA gear type. Click “Style” to shop by a particular discipline, or use the search box at the top of every page. Can’t find the gear you need in our online shop? Contact Drako Impact Sports. We’ll be happy to assist you.