About Drako Sports

Who is Drako Sports?

DRAKO Impact Sports is the Protection and Performance Armour that gives you the confidence to conquer and dominate your world. DRAKO Armour equips you to handle any Impact in training and in the sports arena. DRAKO’s Impact gear “Knocks Out” any fears of feeling unprotected during combat and helps maximize your full potential.

The slogan ‘dominate your world’ embodies the command the athlete has over the perseverance and strivings in achieving their goals and therefore they are “dominating their own world”.

We were very careful to introduce DRAKO products considering the planning, design and style and the gear has been field-tested by professional athletes to achieve the highest performance and quality. We did not want to present the DRAKO brand as an expensive quality product, but have positioned it as a top quality performing product affordable to every athlete.

The individual will discover that DRAKO is the Quality Performance Sports Gear that offers them the Armour necessary to give or take Impact in their line of sport.

DRAKO Sports Inc. was incorporated in 2007 as a technical brand. After a steady introduction of manufactured and tested products, DRAKO started to sponsor main events and tournaments.

Ongoing feedback lead to improvements and development. DRAKO is an established fight gear brand among-st professional athletes and is worn with confidence and pride at any event.

Drako is supplied to schools, groups, clubs and sporting re­tail outlets. Drako is the preferred brand to large franchise schools and clubs.

Drako is also the preferred brand to some Karate and Tae Kwon Do as­sociations. Drako manufactures a full range of martial arts sports gear. To mention some; gloves, sparring equipment, uniforms, targets, balls, mats, clothing etc. Drako is manu­factured for all lines of disciplines; MMA, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Boxing. Contact us at business@drakosports.com to get information on our full product line.

DRAKO has become a major gear sponsor. DRAKO has featured in recognised events such UFC, CFC, W1 MMA, Honour Combat, Extreme MMA, River Rock MMA, Get It On and many more martial arts and boxing tournaments and shows. We have been a major sponsor for National Teams such as BC Karate Team, TKD Team (Tea Geuk 2 x Na­tional Champions), Canadian FILA Grappling Team etc.

DRAKO also sponsors up and coming amateur fighters and participates in major expo’s such as the MA Supershow & the MMA Expo.

DRAKO has sponsored profes­sional fighters who have used and worn the brand and gear and in return have been contributors to the development of Drako: Vladi­mir Matyushenko, Mark Bocek, Louis Phillip Carte, Wilson Reis, Rodrigo Munduruca, Agastino DeNatale, Carlos Newton, Rory MacDonald, Steve Vigneault, Jordan Mein, Ed Carpenter, Dan Miller, Josh Grispi, Daylin Logan, Gabriel Varga, Ivette Gondo (2 x TKD Olympian and multiple National Champion).

DRAKO incurs substantial resources on research and development. Drako works hand in hand with professional athletes in all the disciplines of martial arts and combat sports for continuous improvement. DRAKO’s mission is to become the industry leader in customer service and reliability to help better serve the Martial Arts and Impact Sports community now and into the future. DRAKO provides quality, affordable and long lasting products.

Please explore this web site to see the products that we offer. You will find an impressive amount of products in stock, with new ones being added weekly. If you have any questions about our web site or in general, please feel free to contact us.