Drako Cloth Shin Instep

So you’ve decided to join a Muay Thai gym or you’re looking to outfit your club with new equipment. Just like every other sport, you want to have the proper equipment to train in and/or to offer your clients.  Just like every other sport, not all people are 100% committed or they’re at a “just want to try it out”-type  moment in their life. There are a few options out there when it comes to buying your equipment. You as the client or retailer have options based on A: your budget, B: what clientele are you catering too and C: your level of commitment.

Lets looks at one basic piece of gear needed when training in Muay Thai style kickboxing, the shin guard. Now most people will tell you this is a “must have”  when training in Muay Thai. Let’s face it, this sport isn’t exactly shin friendly and can cause some serious damage if you’re not properly protected. What are your options to protect yourself? Before you say “leather shins are the only way to go”, because you see a group of fighters clashing shins together to check each other’s leg kicks,   ask yourself “am I here to get into shape and have fun?” If your answer to that is yes, then believe me you have lots of options to choose from.

May I suggest the Drako Cloth shin instep as your economical option to ease your shin’s woes? I feel that for every student, child or adult,   these are the best starting point for shin protection. They are easy to maintain, easy to pull on and off and very, very cost effective. In general, you can purchase  items like these for around $20.00 and can feel safe when you start venturing into the world of Muay Thai. Now the Drako cloth shin instep currently comes in two options: with instep protection or without. I suggest with instep protectionin order to help protect the top of your foot from those nasty elbows. There is also 2 colours to choose from, white or black (I like the black). The ½ inch padding for your shin doesn’t sound like much, but it’s very durable and dense and offers satisfactory protection. Also, it’s very light in comparison to a leather shin instep, which will help you focus more on the technique and fundamentals of your kicks.

As I mentioned, this shin guard is a nice starting point and as you grow in the art of Muay Thai, your needs will as well, and so do your options. As for now, I highly recommend the Drako Cloth shin Instep as a must have item for all beginners.


Eric Di Paola
Twitter @thebarberic16

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