Andreas Spang

I like the new “look” of all the equipment I got, it’s better than the last, it’s smoother and softer which make it better to train with.

MMA gloves: it’s a little bigger than the old one and smoother which make it easier to grab your opponent when you grapple and you don’t get as much complains from your partner when you punch them in the face 😉

Boxing glove: The new material is great, it’s softer and fits my hand better. I like that they are a little smaller than regular 16oz, it makes it closer to fight gloves.

Head gear: It’s easier to make a “tight” fit on my head with the new material and I get less movement of the head gear. It feels a little thicker then the old one which is great since I don’t like to get punched in the face 😉

All in all I think you guys did a great job with the new gear and I think it was approvement on a already great product!

I appreciate that I had the chance to have some of the new gear, thanks!

Andreas Spang

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