Boyd Sharpe

When I started the Cubicle to the Cage television series ( I had no training gear at all. I went to class wearing a T-shirt that was two sizes too small and borrowed boxing gloves. When DRAKO stepped in and provided us with a full kit of MMA and grappling gear, it was a total game changer. I’ve used DRAKO, head gear, boxing gloves, bag gloves, MMA gloves, shorts, shin pads, short and long sleeve rash guards, and hand wraps. If DRAKO makes it and you can use it to train MMA, I’ve tested and used the product.

 Here are my highlights:

Headgear: With the wide Velcro strap and adjustable lace top, the DRAKO headgear gives the fighter the ability to ‘custom fit’ the equipment specifically to their body. Having never trained before starting the program, I took a LOT of shots to the head. My DRAKO head gear became my very best friend.

MMA Gloves: Made from extremely pliable and supple leather, the DRAKO MMA gloves form perfectly to the hand, leaving the thumb and fingers totally free for strong grips when grappling. The dense, tight knuckle pad provides awesome protection for the hands. Wrap your hands properly and slip on a pair of DRAKO MMA gloves and your hands become hammers.

Rash Guards: Training 5 – 6 days a week, for 14 months, I put my DRAKO Impact Armor rash guards through hell. Of the 30 plus participants in the program, not a single person experienced a rip or tear in their rash guards over the entire 14 month program. Both my long and short sleeve rash guards still fit me as well today as the day I took them out of the package, no stretching and very little wear.

Boxing Gloves: I have not yet had a chance to try out the new DRAKO Burst 16oz Sparing Gloves. But I’m dying to get my hands into a pair of those SOON. Hint! Hint!

Thanks DRAKO!

Boyd Sharpe
Creator and Season 1 participant on Cubicle to the Cage television series.

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