Matt Veal

My name is Matt “Kid Lightning” Veal. I’m a professional fighter out of Leading Edge Gym in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada.

I’m a veteran of 21 professional MMA fights with a record of 11-10.

I have fought for belts in 5 different organizations and have fought for shows such as Maximum Fighting Championship an Bellator Fighting Championship where I received FOTN on their 67 show.

I’m currently ranked in the Top 10 as featherweights in Minnesota, being ranked as high as #2. I’ve also been ranked up in the Top 10 in Canada as high as #5. If you’re interested in seeing/having me fight for you contact my manager Jake Hirsch of Old School Management or myself and make sure to follow me on twitter at @kidlightning86.

Drako Burst 16oz Sparring Gloves

I have been in the world of martial arts (MMA,boxing,kickboxing,BJJ) for 9 years and have fought competitively for 7. In all my years I have never worn a glove that has fit as well as the Drako Burst 16oz sparring glove.

The Burst have longer wrist cuffs which provide great protection in blocking kicks while sparring while proving great support with their long loop Velcro closure.

I’ve beat up my knuckles many times in all my fights and these gloves are a blessing to strap on as they fit snugly and give the perfect protection with the foam density to keep my hands safe during hard days sparring.

Last but not least, I’ve never had a partner complain about how they feel to be hit by. (Maybe I hit like a wimp…) these gloves are a great buy for a beginner or the vet in the gym.

Make sure to check them out in their 2014 catalogue being released soon and get yours before you taste them on someone else’s hands. These gloves are the bomb! Thanks Drako!

Matt “Kid Lightning” Veal

MFC, Bellator Vet

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