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Drako boxing gloves, sparring, training and MMA gloves have been developed based on input from fighters at all levels, both in training more ›

Drako boxing gloves, sparring, training and MMA gloves have been developed based on input from fighters at all levels, both in training and competition. Our range of gloves provides beginner and experienced fighters alike best-in-class materials, construction and features at great prices. Our boxing and MMA gloves are made from 100% leather or super-vinyl shells. Inside, our gloves use impact-absorbing foams or gels. Regardless of the gloves you purchase, you get craftsmanship that protects your most valuable assets – your hands! We create gloves for boxing, MMA, kickboxing and Muay Thai.

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Professional Boxing Gloves
Drako professional boxing gloves provide the materials, construction and features expected by experienced fighters. Design features include 100% leather, lace-up systems, dense foam padding or NRX open-cell breathable foam, anatomical fit and superior design and construction.

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Sparring Boxing Gloves
Drako’s sparring glove line offers numerous design and feature options in a wide price range. From 100% leather and NRX foam technology to superior-grade vinyl, we have sparring gloves for almost any budget.

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Kids Boxing Gloves
Like all of our products, our Kid’s boxing gloves are designed for maximum safety and performance at competitive prices. Drako offers leather and high-grade polyurethane options with all the features required to protect growing hands.

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MMA Gloves
Crafted with care and attention to design detail, our MMA gloves offer hand and knuckle protection, and increased wrist stability required of intense MMA fighting and grappling. Drako’s MMA glove line provides many options for all levels – from newbies to experienced athletes.

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Bag Gloves
If you are hunting for the right bag gloves, you’ll find them at Drako. Whether you are training in boxing, MMA, kickboxing or Muay Thai, we offer a range of bag training gloves in leather, vinyl or ballistic leather. We sell a range of bag gloves that provide excellent protection for both experienced fighters and newcomers.

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Hand Wraps
Hand protection starts with quality hand wraps. A staple item in fighters at all levels, our 100% cotton hand wraps have a slight stretch so you can customize the fit. You can stretch-and-wrap for more stability or wrap more loosely for mobility.  Perfect for boxing, MMA, and kickboxing. Available in a variety of colors.

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Questions about Boxing Gloves or MMA Gloves?

If you have questions about boxing gloves, MMA gloves or shipping, contact Drako’s helpful experts. We’ll guide you to the right choice of training or fighting gloves for your combat sport.

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