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Protective Gear

Whether you are boxing, MMA training, or Muay Thai sparring, Drako headgear, sparring pads and other sparring protection, provide optimal safety more ›

Whether you are boxing, MMA training, or Muay Thai sparring, Drako headgear, sparring pads and other sparring protection, provide optimal safety and support. During training or competition, our high quality gear offers some of the best protection available in an affordable price range.

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Boxing Headgear
Leather and vinyl headgear protect the most vulnerable part of a boxer’s anatomy – the head. Get protection against common head injuries, facial injuries and concussions that can occur during boxing sparring. While our headgear is primarily for boxing, it is also ideal for MMA sparring and kickboxing when you and your training partner are going all out.

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Shin Guards
Shin guards (a.k.a. “shin pads”) save a lot of wear and tear (and breaks) at the shin and instep during intense training sessions. Save yourself for the fight by gearing up with padded protectors constructed of high quality leather or polyurethane. Suitable for virtually any kicking-intensive combat sport, including Muay Thai, kickboxing and MMA.

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Groin Protection
A groin protector is a must for any serious fighter, whether male or female. Drako groin protection provides padding and comfort in both leather and vinyl models. You get the protection you need without sacrificing freedom of movement.

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Hand Wraps
Hand wraps just might be the best protector per dollar spent. Our washable, extra-long, 180” cotton hand wraps come in a variety of colors. Because they are slightly elastic, a fighter can customize the fit, wrapping more snugly for added joint stability or a little loose to pad the hand, wrists and fingers.  Perfect for boxing, MMA, kickboxing or Muay Thai sparring and competition.

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Elbow Protection
When sparring give your elbows the protection they need to help prevent mat scrapes and injury from contact and wear. Our cloth elbow pads provide support and increase blood flow. The elasticized material creates a snug fit that improves stability, helps prevent injury, and reduces training inflammation and recovery time. Perfect for MMA, kickboxing, or Muay Thai.

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Our boxing sparring and MMA sparring gloves are available in leather, polyurethane and vinyl models. All are designed with protection and comfort in mind. Top-quality construction, padding, and performance are the hallmarks of our line. Whatever your skill level, we have a glove for you.

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Knee Protection
Get excellent knee support with Drako knee pads. Compression supports protect you from mat scrapes, contact, and wear and tear from kneeling. Knee sleeves are also good preventive protection, providing lateral stability that reduces the chances of knee injury. Other benefits include increased blood flow and reduced inflammation which minimizes training or workout recovery time. Available in neoprene and Lycra with a gel insert, or thick cloth with dense foam padding. Suitable for MMA, grappling, and Jiu Jitsu.

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Vinyl Protection
Drako offers padded vinyl karate mitts and karate shin and instep guards. Our vinyl karate mitts are durable and lightweight with Velcro straps for just the right fit. Our vinyl karate shin guards (and removable foot pad) offer ergonomic design, padding, and Velcro straps for a snug fit and easy removal. Karate shin pads are reinforced with leather at high-friction areas. Best for karate sparring.

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Questions about Protective Gear?
If you have questions about our padding and protection for boxing sparring, MMA or Muay Thai sparring, contact the experts at Drako.

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