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“Dominate Your World. Dominate Within”
The slogan ‘dominate your world’ embodies the command the athlete has over the perseverance and striving in achieving their goals and therefore they are “dominating their own world”. That is why we incorporated “dominate within”into our slogan.
DRAKO Impact Sports is the Protection and Performance Armour that gives you the confidence to conquer and dominate your world. DRAKO armour equips you to handle any Impact in training and in the sports arena. DRAKO’s Impact gear “Knocks Out” any fears of feeling unprotected during combat and helps maximize your full potential.
Drako Sport Incorporated was established in 2007. DRAKO is derived from the Drakensberg Mountains which means Dragon Mountains and the Dragon is used across most cultures – Americas, UK, Europe, Japan, China, Korea etc.
DRAKO Sports symbolizes armour a gladiator or warrior may don in battle where it gives you the protection and performance for close combat and “Knocks Out” any fears of feeling unprotected. We made a spin on the last two letters of DRAKO “KO” and it stands for “Knock Out”.
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“Dominate Your World. Dominate Within”
We were very careful to introduce DRAKO products considering the planning, design and style and the gear has been field-tested by professional athletes to achieve the highest performance and quality. We did not want to present the DRAKO brand as an expensive quality product, but have positioned it as a top quality performing product affordable to every athlete.

The individual will discover that DRAKO is the Quality Performance Sports Gear that offers them the Armour necessary to give or take Impact in their line of sport.

DRAKO Sports Inc. was incorporated in 2007 as a technical brand. After a steady introduction of manufactured and tested products, DRAKO started to sponsor main events and tournaments. Ongoing feedback lead to improvements and development. DRAKO is an established fight gear brand amongst professional athletes and is worn with confidence and pride at any event.

Drako is supplied to schools, groups, clubs and sporting retail outlets. Drako is the preferred brand to large franchise schools and clubs. Drako is also the preferred brand to some Karate and Tae Kwon Do associations. Drako manufactures a full range of martial arts sports gear. To mention some; gloves, sparring equipment, uniforms, targets, balls, mats, clothing etc. Drako is manufactured for all lines of disciplines; MMA, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Boxing.
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